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Ringelberg Touringcars reached out to us (BURO RUW) with the request to give their old website a refresh. Because they wanted to keep their options open, we had to convince the people of Ringelberg, through a presentation, to work with us and not any other communication company.


We sat down with Ringelberg to discuss the most important element on the old website so we could build them in a new design. They told us the most important things on the website were the car rental and the destinations. After that they told us that they wanted to keep their old color scheme but needed us for new imagery and fresh content on the new website. 


The design team started building the first new brandbook for Ringelberg. This brandbook contained the new font(s) and the same old color scheme.  With this brandbook and the Adobe XD Design, where we build the prototype in, I could start building the website.

I started developing the website from scratch in WordPress with the Divi Theme. The first thing I made was a list with requirements for the website, which contained:

– An overview of the (touring)cars and the option to rent them;
– An overview of the destinations and the options to send a price offer;
– An overview of vacancies;

I made the plan to build the requirements with the help of Custom Post Types, Advanced Custom Fields and PHP code.

Starting the process, the first thing I made was the front page for the website. After completing this task, I sent the front page to Ringelberg for them to see and confirm the new design. 

After receiving an enthusiastic response from Ringelberg I started developing the rest of the website, starting with arranging the Custom Post Types (CPT) for Touringcars, Car Rental and Destinations. I filled in the Post Types with extra fields from Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) so that I can easily fill in any new destinations or cars.

For the price offers I used Ninja Forms, because it was very user-friendly and gave me a lot of options to create functional and visually appealing forms.

When all the requirements were build I finished the website by completing the final pages: About Us and Contact.

After the final tests we were ready to present the final product to Ringelberg.


After finishing the entire website we were really happy and pleased to present the final product to Ringelberg. We were overwhelmed with positive reactions. It contained all the requirements and was a huge upgrade from the last design.

This project gave me a lot of insights on multiple plugins. It wasn’t the first time I worked with CPT and ACF, but it sure gave was a huge experience to work with it on such a huge scale.

We had to thank the people from Ringelberg for the amazing partnership. They were very friendly and gave us everything we needed to complete their new digital product.